An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.

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An idol
An idol

An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration. Tadao Ando  A prominent architect with outstanding work is Tadao Ando, ​​a Japanese architect who had never studied architecture in his life. But using a detailed observation method Construction methods and materials of various buildings To study architecture by yourself Starting with temples and shrines in the home country Before starting to travel to study important architecture works Overseas, including Europe, the United States and Africa, are read by famous architects around the world such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Carbusier and Louis Icahn.

Most of Ando’s works are made with cast concrete. Mostly built geometric buildings. His design concept focuses on the relationship between man and nature, using symbolic systems such as light to represent nature. Create light and shadow elements of the building. It was noticed that most of Ando’s works did not have windows to allow the view outside. But there are often openings that sunlight can pass through. While Ando’s main motto is that architecture works must take into account the environment and society. Many well-known works of Ando include Church of The Light or Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church (Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church), Rokko Housing I-II, a residential building in the city of Osaka. Awarded The National Cultural Design Prize, Central Tokyo Shopping Center, Omotesando Hills Shopping Complex and Church on the Water, a forest church that features a cross in the middle of a pond. Which when winter comes The water in the pool will turn into ice. Beautiful and calm atmosphere with pure white สถาปนิก

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